Since 1982, we had been collaborating with Italian designer in producing leather bags, from pattern making to leather cutting, and from sewing to edging. Renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship technique, Gian Ferrente emphasizes on choosing the finest leather and material for our products. Inspired from Italian designs and culture, Gian Ferrente is designed for young working gentlemen who are looking for THE bag that can fit their gadgets, valuables and miscellaneous belongings

100% Genuine Leather Policy

Every piece of our product use genuine leather only including calf-skin, crocodile leather, stingray skin and python skin. Most of our leather are imported from Italy.

Gentleman’s best wing

Our wing icon represents the idea of a special tool. We believe that a perfect bag can make a man’s life unbelievably easier. A symmetrical balance wing shows that Gian Ferrente is a perfect practical accessory for your better work and life balance.